Thursday, May 26, 2005

Theological Pursuits

Yay! New T-shirts from Theological Pursuits. TULIP and Luther are my favs.


Daniel Mann said...

These are cool T-shirts,I don't have the TULIP one,yet! They can be great means of God's providence, to help equip the church, and to harald the glorious gopsel of peace.

Just yesterday, I was at a christian book store (sorry,out of town Brian)and I was wearing the Jonathan T-shirt.(I got a great deal on a bunch of Jonathan books, as well) Sorry again, No I'm not! Anyhow,the lady, working there, never heard of Jonathan,nor of the 'Great Awakening'. So,I had the joy of filling her in.

All that to say is...take up and wear...take up and wear.

Julianne said...

God is so great to use t-shirts to proclaim His truths! Praise His Name!

Joe L. said...

Hey, cool t-shirts. Never seen these before, I will have to check them out.

Very well done blog by the way, I added it to my blogroll.

Keep the fires burning!!


Anonymous said...

: D... should you go to my blog (; not trying to spam or anything), you will see a pic that says, "100% Biblically Certified Calvinist" with, of course, Calvin underneath. The great thing is that it's actually a T-shirt off of the Purtian's Mind website! A big AMEN goes out to "TULIP", the gospel as it is in the Word.