Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blog the Word ~ Romans 5

Micah has "tagged" me to read a chapter of the Bible using audioblogger.
So, I'll read Romans 5.

this is an audio post - click to play

Now I tag Andrew.


C.Porter said...

Hey Julianne!

I followed your lead with the audioblogging...I give you the credit with getting me started with this. A very cool new feature!

I have added it as a "new feature" to my little web log. Thanks for the idea!


Joel said...

Hey Julianne,

I happened upon your blog via a friend's blog...

Just wanted to say that this a great use of the audio blog functionality! I've had the audio blog number plugged into my phone for several weeks, and I've been waiting for a good reason to use it. The "blogging the Word" idea is definitely a worthy option.


Julianne said...

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the comment. Micah (resolution 57 in my blog links menu) came up with the idea and we were going to have everyone read a chapter of the Bible in order. However, it would be tedious to go through some of the chapters (think Leviticus and others), so just pick any chapter that you would like. Our prayer is that this might be a tool used by God to bring glory unto His Name. Because He alone is worthy.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Julianne said...


Great! I look forward to hearing you. :)