Thursday, September 29, 2005

Street Evangelism

I've been thinking about street evangelism (passing out tracts, talking to people, proclaiming the glorious gospel) and how it fulfills God's plan for salvation in the hearts of men. What is the purpose of these quick, seemingly insignificant "encounters" that we have with total strangers? Is "relational" evangelism (witnessing to those whom we know on a more regular basis) better? More important? More effective?

I have some of my own thoughts on the matter (of course!). However, I want to hear from you. What do you think about this matter? And why???? This part is key, show me Scripture!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Now, that's worth waiting for!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Pastor Dale Meador just finished up a mini-series on modesty. Click here to listen:

Part 1: For Men

Part 2: For Women

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello, my name is Julianne and I go to a community college

There. I said it. I go to a community college. There's nothing wrong about that, right?

In the beginning, I told myself only one year at the CC. One year. I had seen too many people spend up to six or more years taking only 4-8 credits a term there. That was not going to be me. After the first year, I'd be up at the University. Now, doesn't that have a nicer ring to it?

However, God has changed my prior, prideful attitude about my continuing education. He has opened my eyes to the great advantages of CCs. Not that there aren't advantages with universities, but now I can appreciate a lot of my CC. First, I love the smaller class sizes. This has been really good for me because it gives opportunities to get to know my professors, whom of which are very nice, straighforward, and good teachers (a rare, but good trait to have).

Just last night, my psychology prof from last year gave me a call. He told me that I had gotten off to a bit of a shakey start (a B in the class), but by the 2nd term, I was improving (up to an A). Well, I had run into him two weeks ago in front of the library and I was telling him of my trip to Brazil (I can't stop talking about it). He told me on the phone that he was looking through my records and that he wanted to give me an opportunity to raise my first term grade up to an A by either writing a paper on how my trip to Brazil changed me or just coming in to his office and talking with him about it. Can you believe it??? I have been praying that God would bring opportunities into my life in order that I may share the wonderful work God has done in my life. He is so good! Another thing is, to get into the very competetive RN program, it all depends on my GPA. So this will definitely raise that. I'm very excited on being able to share this with him. He is not a Christian, and I remember from the first time I met him on the first day of class, he mentioned how he is just fascinated by the Protestant Reformation! How one man could go against an established religion. I know the answer! It is because of God! That is how one man could do it!

Anyway, this sort of thing would never happen at a crowded university. I am so thankful to God for where He has me right now. I love Him so much and His providence over all my life. You are worthy, God, of all my worship!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oktoberfuss 2005

Nancy Pearcy, author of Total Truth, will be one of the speakers at this year's Oktoberfuss in Eugene, OR. Gutenburg College/McKenzie Study Center is putting this on at Lane Community College.

The conference will be held at LCC on October 21-22.
Friday night will include a silent auction and reception from 5:30-7:30, and then Nancy will speak from 7:30-9:00 on "Total Truth: Have We Lost Our Minds?"
Saturday, the schedule will be as follows:
8:30-10:00 Nancy Pearcey on "Total Truth: Regaining Our Minds"
10:15-11:45 Nancy Pearcey on "Total Truth: Impacting Culture"
1:00-2:30 Jack Crabtree on "The Gospel and Its Intended Impact"
2:45-4:00 David Crabtree on "Educating Human Beings"
4:15-5:30 Wes Hurd on "Expressing a Christian Worldview
5:30-6:30 Speakers Panel
A cost of $45 for individuals, $65 for couples, and $25 for students has been set.
For more details, please check out our website: and follow the Oktoberfuss 2005 link, which should be appearing in the next few days.

To pre-register, please send attendee names, address, and phone number or email along with payment to Gutenberg College, 1883 University St, Eugene, OR 97403

To all my readers (all four of you): Please come! I want to meet you in person. ;)

My cousin, Brayden, and I. Isn't he a cutie? Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

Boy Meets Girl...but, that's about it

Recently, I've been reading Joshua Harris' Boy Meets Girl. In it, I read a good paragraph that's got me thinking.

"A couple committed to God's glory places their ultimate hope in God, not in each other. Before two people can please God as a couple, they must first be individuals who want God more than anything else and who know that only He can satisfy the deepest longings of their souls."

Eventhough, I am not in a "dating" relationship, I can still apply this concept to my life as a single person...maybe even better to start now. Am I an individual who wants God more than anything else? I hope I am. How can I really know though? Do I seek to have Christ's name exalted higher than my own? Is anything I do out of selfish ambition? Am I disappointed when things don't go as "planned," in relationships, for example? Am I doubtful of God's providence when destruction and calamities come? Are there things in me that are causing myself slower conforment to Christ?

He goes on to write, "One of my favorite authors, John Piper, has made his life message this simple but profound truth: 'God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.' What does this mean? It means that we can exalt God by trusting in Him and desiring Him above anything else in life--more than companionship, more than romance, more than marriage. When we do, our lives say louder than words that He is more fulfilling than all these things."

Companionship...that is the key one for me. Just someone to talk with who appreciates the same things I do. "Come on, God! Is it that hard?" This attitude is natural for me. One I must purge from myself. I need to be fully content with where God has placed me. God fulfills me! He does! He is all I need! This is a precious truth.

"Unlike all the fleeting pleasures of this world, when we make God the object of our soul's longing, He truly satisfies us--we find the lasting peace and joy we long for. Only then can we have a healthy, happy relationship, because instead of the relationship being our reason for living, it becomes an expression of the fact that we're living for Someone greater."

(Joshua Harris, Boy Meets Girl pg. 38)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Too Comfortable...

"No! Don't let it happen. Don't let me slowly creep back into ease. Don't let me become "easygoing" with my faith. Don't let me become comfortable in life."

This has been my prayer since coming home from Brazil. This life is our chance to get out of our "comfort zone" and suffer for Christ. I'm talking physically and emotionally. Now, I can say this as much as I want, but do I mean it? Am I really willing to take what will come my way when I bear myself before my King and this world? Am I willing to feed the hungry and clothe the naked? Am I willing to be wise, but not "safe"? Am I willing to give up rights to myself and give myself completely to the One who knows and loves me best?

Were we ever promised that this life would be a breeze? Were we promised that we would get a "one-way ticket to paradise" with no stops along the way? Where do we come up with these ideas? As Christians, do we let the world, culture, society influenece us more than the Word of God? God's Word says that we are sent out as a sheep in a pack of wolves. That is about the worst analogy I want to be commpared to. It's basically the position I want to steer clear of the most. A poor, helpless sheep among hungry, angry wolves who happen to love sheep sirloin the best. No good. However, this is what Jesus tells us. What do you think He could mean by it? Maybe that we will suffer, that we will face persecution, that we will forget the "comfortable" life.

Just some thoughts. Right now, I'm wanting to go minister on the streets, but part of me feels like waiting till some others can come with me. Father, please send the right people into my life. Your will be done, on earth, like it is in heaven. Amen.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Yesterday, my Granpa had open-heart surgery to disconnect and reconnect several arteries that had about 90% blockage. He was really healthy and felt fine, but I guess this is a genetic thing. They say he was a ticking bomb for a heart attack. So, they had to break open his ribcage and cut into several different limbs to perform the proceedure. Pretty major. I was down at the hospital a bit yesterday, and I'm going to be going down there in a little while.

I think it is so amazing that we can stop the beating of a heart. Being in such a sureal state, it makes you think about the supernatural world. All around in the hospital there are people dying and it is the perfect place to share the hope that Christ brings to us. As of right now, I'm seriously considering going to the college here and entering the 2-year RN (registered nurse) program. I could use it for Kingdom work either in Brazil on the medical boats or here in my hometown at the needy hospital. Thank you, Lord for putting something in my heart...if it's something else You want me to do, I want to be open to wherever or whatever You have for me. Amen.