Friday, September 02, 2005


Yesterday, my Granpa had open-heart surgery to disconnect and reconnect several arteries that had about 90% blockage. He was really healthy and felt fine, but I guess this is a genetic thing. They say he was a ticking bomb for a heart attack. So, they had to break open his ribcage and cut into several different limbs to perform the proceedure. Pretty major. I was down at the hospital a bit yesterday, and I'm going to be going down there in a little while.

I think it is so amazing that we can stop the beating of a heart. Being in such a sureal state, it makes you think about the supernatural world. All around in the hospital there are people dying and it is the perfect place to share the hope that Christ brings to us. As of right now, I'm seriously considering going to the college here and entering the 2-year RN (registered nurse) program. I could use it for Kingdom work either in Brazil on the medical boats or here in my hometown at the needy hospital. Thank you, Lord for putting something in my heart...if it's something else You want me to do, I want to be open to wherever or whatever You have for me. Amen.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling... my own dad--even with his relatively young age--had to have open heart surgery. He had a blockage about as large as you described your grandfather's as being, and they went through the same whole rigaramore (spelling?) of cutting into his arm and leg to get some extra veins. His chest had been hurting for some time, and it all started by putting in stints (spelling? I think I need a dictionary). They didn't hold, so open heart was the only option. He was rushed to the hospital by my mom one day when his chest started hearting, and, had he not agreed to go then, damage might have been done to his heart. He is fine and well today, but it was pretty scary.

Here lately, I've also been thinking a lot about different things. Today at our TMC chapel we had a memorial service for Bethany Grace Reher. She was a sweet bubbly girl who was going to be an RA this year, and her life had impacted many people. From what I have seen and heard, she had one of the biggest hearts for the Lord that a girl can have. This summer, she and her whole family (including her younger sister, who I think was going to come to TMC as well, and her parents) were all instantly killed when driving in their Saturn (I believe an 18 wheeler hit them). Bjorn, her husband-to-be, got up and spoke, as did a girl-friend of hers and her brother (who, obviously, lost his whole family in the accident). I could not believe how strong the two men were about it. The brother spoke quite a while on all he had learned, and tried to get his listeners to understand what he now sees. Bjorn, as well, pleaded with us to get our eyes set on heaven, as even his weren't really there before the accident. I listened to Bjorn as the powerpoint showed all the pictures of him and Bethany together, and the only way it seems he would be able to smile as much as he did is by the grace of God. The singing group Bethany and Bjourn were both in sang some songs, and Bjourn was smiling and closing his eyes the whole time.

Sorry to make this so long. It just seems that God is reminding us all at the same time that life is short. I myself have to personally remember that it's not about doctrine, mere intellect, mere emotion, or even Calvinism. It's about doing these things to the glory of the One true God! And while we despair for a while over these thoughts we share, the joy comes when God's grace--even through the death of precious souls--becomes that much clearer!

I'll pray for your grandfather and your decision making! God bless, Julianne.

Joanna Martens said...

hey julianne,
you're so totally awesome. I think we should go snowboarding and talk about the reformation over a cup of starbucks.

mxu said...

I see you seem to have bonded quite will with our 9 fingered friend. (Better than those 12 fingered giants I say!) Cool blog. I loved the post about thinking about theology too much. #1 cracked me up.