Thursday, May 12, 2005

Definition Thursday

Today is Thursday, which means you have to come up with the definition of the word I give you. The answer will be posted on Saturday.

This week's word is:



aron said...

What an Italian asks for when he's thirsty. (Think Antonio, the cab driver from wings, ordering an 'iced coke') I close? ...even a little?


Julianne said...

Oooo...good try. You get an A for effort. Good job!

You would be correct if this wasn't a blog "dedicated to the historical Reformed Faith." But hey, even the reformers used great humor...

Micah said...

I'm not smart enough to read your blog! :(

Jessica said...

Me either! :~) You got me on that word's meaning for sure!

Daniel Mann said...

There is a book called Commentary On The Isagoge Of Porphyry. I know this from my Britannica Great Books.

Porphyry spoke and said things against Christians. I know this from my book, History Of The Christian Church ( Philip Schaff)

However I do not know what the word means. But, I will give it a stab in the dark. Can I keep guessing till I get it right?

Since, it is asociated with commentary, and of someone namely here Porphyry, I'll say, does it mean to study the life of someone...or to make study someones introduction.... Well, I hate to say this ,but I give up!

This word has something to do with Christianity?
I guess I'll find out tomorrow.