Thursday, May 26, 2005

Definition Thursday

Thanks to all who guessed at last week's word, too funny. Okay, here is this week's. Again, take a stab at it, the humorous ones are the best. :)



Frank Martens said...

It has to be one of zero:

1) A bad hair day
2) Childhood memories of getting demoralized by television.
3) Cluelessness
4) Writing meliorism on the back of my hand and giving it (slapping) whoever asks!

have a great week

Righteous Sinner said...

The art of finding obscure words in theological dictionaries for the purpose of impressing those who do not possess such books? You know, that could sound mean. Julianne, tell people I'm not being mean.

Julianne said...


Maybe, number 2)?


That is an art I'm working on. And, yes, you're being mean. People, Brian's being mean.


Daniel Mann said...

Brian is one lean mean theological machine.

meliorism- eating melons and lieing about it to your mother

I heard R.C Sproul, Dicussing the 18th centry as being the least violent of all of History recorded along with the first centry. The thought of meliorism was socialy being very optimisticaly taught in much of the philosophy of that day. Men like Jonathan Swift made pragmantistism very popular. Even most views of esclatology took meliorism serious.Are those some good hints? I don't want to serve it to ya, on a platter! Am I using it in it's proper context Julianne?
By the way R.C.Sproul tapes on an over view on philosophy is FANTASTIC. Plus, it can make you look smart when your not ,like me.I am Not, saying you don't look smart, but I don't know about Brian.

Frank Martens said...

Brian scares me :(

And have you seen R.C. Sprouls ESV study bible yet?

Me wants it!


Righteous Sinner said...

Frank, Is it my picture that scares you? I have to say, your picture is very nice. Am I less scary now?

Julianne, If I really wanted to be mean I'd tell everyone that you're really in your 80's and have been passing yourself off as young and energetic with your great great granddaughter's picture. But since I'm not mean (only a sarcastic jerk) I won't tell anyone.

Julianne said...

That hurts, Brian. Now everyone knows...

Daniel Mann said...

OK, Everyone
It's alright! everyone ignore me. I must be invisible.
Meliorism is not true in my life.
I am just going to have a pity party of my own. Maybe it's because;I know the answer. So there! Ha...Ha..Ha...!

Meliorism-is the belief that society is getting better. We are on are way to utopia.Base on that man is basicaly good. Hince,the reason; for all that I wrote in the other post above.
Alright, What do I win!

Julianne said...


You are but a wee bit off. So close, but no cigar. You're just missing the major point of meliorism. It's okay though, because now I'm acknowledging your post. ;)

Righteous Sinner said...


You know, if you really want to get this right, I have a book to sell you.

Julianne said...

Always trying to get in that one last sale, aren't you, Brian?

I think it's out of print, too bad for you, Daniel.

Righteous Sinner said...


You seem to enjoy having an advantage.

aron said...

Meliorism: A debilitating tendancy to turn any potentially delicious culinary creation into a mealy, boring, uniform-in-color-but-not-in-consistency, scientific curiosity.

"I'm terribly sorry about the meatloaf; if it weren't for my blasted case of meliorism, it would've been much tastier. Are you turning green?"