Saturday, May 14, 2005


Isagoge: Preliminary study of the Bible in terms of its literary history prior to the study of its interpretation.


Daniel Mann said...


Where did you find this info?

Having older parents growing up, they told me how they use to take their bibles to school to read. Unfortunately they only read them as a literary work. Not, as the only rule of faith and practice.
America, seems to have always had a veener Christianity.
Oh! That God would raise us up to the clarion call of the Gospel (the doctrine's of grace, as taught by sacred scripture).

I am wondering how can someone study the bibles literary history, without interpretating it? Don't they mesh?

In order for me to write a comment I had to open a blog account.Since you changed the setting.So, if click on my name, there it is my blog ,not my web site. Maybe I'll start writing on my blog, rather then trying to figure out all the computer language.

May God bless you and your listenership well, with His thoughts.Soli Deo Gloria

Jessica said...

Wow that is very it related to isegesis? I know that isegesis (reading into Scripture from your own ideas or lens) is wrong. It makes me wonder if it related somehow as it has the same prefix "is".

Interesting, thanks for the definition!

etryer said...
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