Sunday, January 22, 2006

True Love


Guilty: I found this on site...


Jason said...

How offten do we show that kind of love to our friends and those we see regularly? Let alone with those who we run into every day, clerks, gas station atendants, mail man, the parking ticket lady.
We need to be a light to the world, showing the love of Christ to every one we meet.

Thank you for posting this Julianne it was an encouragement to me tonight:)

Daniel Mann said...

Julianne, Julianne
Be careful PLEASE!!!

Why do I always have to bring such bad news. I am not a pessimist! I will start with the good stuff. Like the apostle Paul did. Nice pretty clip, beautiful Pictures, great verses from God's word.

Now, the bad news. You do know that this web-cite "" is a bunch of emergent garbage, hince you said "guilty"? . This clip you linked yourself too, is also linked too- a bunch of so called "gay churches", and very liberal churches and organizations. Joseph F Girzone, is quoted at the end of the clip. He has profoundly wrong exgesis of the passage quoted. He is a flaming liberal, who writes blasphemous parables of his own, and discredits the whole New Testament as mere nothing but a parable.

So, PLEASE, don't let go of your discerning fervor for the love of the Truth. I say all this because I care about you , and I love the Truth. God grant you understanding.
Coram Deo

Daniel Mann said...

Oh, How come you've not written more comments on our blogs, Rufus.
If you clck on the artist of the clip it leads to articles on 'Rufus'. I think you got your ideas there. Well, later 'Rufus'.

Carlos said...

I'm the creator of this flash presentation. I didn't know about the link on ooze, or that Girzone was a 'flaming liberal', but I do agree that if we are perfect and have no love then there is a problem (1 Cor. 13)