Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Soli Deo Gloria

This is for you, Jason and Brian.



Jason said...

Thats very cool, thank you. Where did you find this I would love to have their cd.

Have you found Ana's yet? :)

Truth and Zeal said...


You may want to visit the Sovereign Grace store for this music.

FYI, John Martin (lead singer/pianist at Resolved) and the Resolved band is coming out with their CD titled, "Yielded", within the next month.

Dan (T&Z)

Reformed Centurion said...


W. H. Conner said...


Sorry to refer to one of your posts from several days ago, but it occurred to me, when reading the thread on the subject of women teaching men or refraining from the same, that often men are experts at zealously contextualizing women in their roles within the church body, yet seem sadly lacking in any practical way when it comes to men's obligations to women, especially within marriage. I too embrace the biblical model of man's leadership responsibilities within the home and church, but one of your readers went so far as to say that women have no business writing books on theology, at least where a man might see it. My parents are missionaries in Asia, Mongolia specifically, and my mother has repeatedly assumed certain responsibilities that young men here might be tempted, in their eager youthful zeal to gain reputations as theologians, to call inappropriate. She is a linguist with advanced degrees, is one of the few Western women in the world fluent in Mongolian, and is currently working on a Mongolian translation of scripture in conjunction with the Wycliffe staff. This, by necessity, has placed her in a position of practical leadership which isn't even possible for most men to assume, for obvious reasons. From a moral standpoint, these issues are usually viewed by the (ironically) unmarried self-appointed male experts in our congregations as very black and white, yet these same men always concede some exception if a woman happens to be the only one educated enough (God forbid!) to fulfill a particular role. This is singularly true in the case of missions, where single women outnumber men exponentially. I'd love your thoughts...