Friday, January 06, 2006

Resolved Conference

I'm so stoked!!!


Jason said...

Less than a week, its going to be so fun!

Reformed Centurion said...


Joshua Ritchie said...

I hadn't heard of this conference before. I'm heading off to the Shepherd's Conference at GCC in March with our youth leaders. Should be exciting.

Is the Resolved conference for a certain age group?

Carson Allen said...

I am stoked for you. You get to see the master expositor from the master's seminary give a masterful lecture. What could be better?

How about The master speaking on John MacArthur: 40 Years of Gospel Ministry or the master preacher John Piper: Why Expositional Preaching is Particularly Glorifying to God, or C.J. Mahaney: Watch Your Life and Doctrine, or RC Sproul: The Center of Christian Preaching: Justification by Faith.

Not trying to make anyone covet or anything but Ligon Duncan,Mark Dever, and Al Mohler will be speaking as well, not to mention they well all be participating in several live Q&A panel discussions. The only preachers missing from this one are dead.Guess will have to wait for heaven to here them

Dan and I God willing will be there!

Julianne said...


I don't believe that it is exclusively for one age group. However, it is designed with the 20-30 age group in mind. If there is one reason I'd want to be a pastor is so I could go to the Shepherd's Conference. :)


What conference is this??? Where? When? Lucky you!

Joshua Ritchie said...

20-30, huh? I am just out of luck, being 32. That's cool, though. Maybe next year I'll refer some of our younger church members to attend. Does anyone know if they have a youth/teen conference or something like that?

Pastor, huh? Slap on a wig and fake moustache and sneak in. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to go (that is, to Resolved) and was offered a chance as a bday gift from my parents, but I figured I could use the money for other things. I also thought about Shepherd's Conference, until I saw that it cost around 300 dollars. Ah well... tell my sister I said hi if you see her at Resolved (she'll be there). : D

Carson Allen said...

Together for the gospel is the name.
I am going to register for Dan and I tomorrow. Then next week we are going to reserve the hotel room and plane tickets. I am going to send Pastor Dale an e-mail and ask him if He wants to Go. Mayby Pastor Jim and Bryan also.

See ya Sunday.

ajlin said...

My friend Jorge and I are also going to the Together for the Gospel conference- Lord willing.
We're as excited as you are.

Yeah- I can't make the Shepherd's Conference either due to the cost, but you should really check out this Together for the Gospel conference- it only costs $175 as opposed to $300.
BTW- I've really appreciated the comments you've made on Antonio's blog.

In Christ,

mxu said...

oh you're going to Resolved too?

We should say hi and introduce ourselves!

Julianne said...

Yes, mxu. We should. You know what I look like, so if you see me, come say hi. We'll get there Friday.

Joanna Martens said...

I think I might show up a few days at Resolved!! AAHHH I'm so excited! If the Lord wills, I may see you!!

Frank Martens said...

i wish i could go ;p

Truth and Zeal said...

Cool blog.

So, you're going to Resolved also? I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Last year's was great. This year should be even better.

FYI, Resolved is NOT just for the 20-30 age group (college and career singles). That's how it was originally designed, but after the first year, Rick Holland and the rest of the planning team realized that there were many people who were not singles and who were past that age group, so they decided to refer to it somewhat like the Shepherd's Conference, but for a younger generation.

Hope you enjoy the conference. Lord-willing, I may see you at the conference. God bless.