Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Album

Caedmon's Call has just finished their second worship album, In The Company of Angels II - The World Will Sing. You can pre-order it on their website.


Jason said...

When does it come out in stores?
I'd rather suport our local christian book store:)
Should be a good cd they have solid lirics.

Righteous Sinner said...

God bless you Jason. I have a pre-release copy and it says 3/7/06 is the street date. This is a Tuesday, and there's usually a great price on "New Music Tuesday". Usually when you order you'll get it both later and pay more because of shipping. Ok, there's my commercial.
Julianne, I know you must have been speaking ONLY to those who live in remote areas without a Christian store, otherwise I'd become the CD Nazi and say, "No CD's for you! One year!"

Ana Banana said...

Man, you stole my post, I was all excited to post about this cd...for everyone out there it is a great cd, we are already playing in the store to prick peoples ears with good music, but please forgive us if when you come in all you hear is Hillsong or someone else that will put you to sleep!
Not that we play boring music, but when you listen to Darlene day in and day out...it just takes away some of the...um...sweetness of it!
Anyway, I am glad that you all made it home!!

Frank Martens said...

uhm Matthew West just released History too! IT's pretty good.

Carson Allen said...

Brian has been hanging out with the

soup Nazi

Bradley said...

I wish there were a parrallel to the Hillsong movement in the Reformed world--that is, a musical worship "movement" as big as Hillsong, but as Reformed as Jonathan Edwards (did I just say Hillsong and JE in the same sentance?).

Hillsong United (as distinguished from Hillsong) has put out extremely good, passionate, affection-stirring, truth-based (even if not reformed), intense music to which I see no parrallels in the Reformed world (lament).

I'll have to get that CC CD.