Sunday, November 27, 2005

Top Reasons You Should've Known I'm A Calvinist

Check out these great 20 reasons that you would know someone's a calvinist. 10 from Chris @ Imperishable Inheritence and 10 from Amy @ Humble Musings.

Here are a few:

19. I’m the [girl] who brings the party down by mentioning the “p” word.
16. I feel it necessary to constantly make everyone define what “free will” means.
12. I won’t like any sermon unless the preacher says some kind of reformed buzz word.
9. I can’t sing from memory all the verses of “Just as I Am.”
6. I plagiarize Elisabeth Elliot and John Piper.
2. I smile at the insult “frozen chosen.”

Thanks, Chris and Amy!


chris said...

No prob! Going to add a link to yours.

stephen said...

wow. are there any more top ten lists of why I should think you are a calvinist? I think with most calvinists you don't need a top ten list of reasons to tell people you are a calvinist. unless you are a passive calvinist. which don't think is possible.

Doug E. said...

That's funny,

My wife was a calvinette growing up. Does it get any better. ;-)