Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Corpse Art

"A dead man, flayed, holds up his own skin. A corpse rides a skinned horse while holding both of their brains. The body of a young women eight months pregnant reclines in a provacative pose. Her womb is cut open so we can see her dead baby. The hottest tickets in America's museums are for exhibits of corpses--mutilated, skinned, but posed in "life-like" positions."

This excerpt from World Magazine's October 8 issue details the horrid truth of what some are doing in the name of "art."

A German man by the name of Gunther von Hagens is the brainchild behind this. Von Hagen invented "plastination," a method of preserving dead bodies in plastic.

The article goes on to describe whose bodies these are and the controversies behind all this and why it is wrong mutilating corpses and displaying them.

Read more here.

"This is art in the culture of death."


Rand said...

I had heard about this nonsense. I think this is an example of what is meant by "inventors of evil things" in Romans 1:30.

Talk about sick.

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