Thursday, November 24, 2005

[EDIT] Reformolution

I want to start something big. I don't know what it is yet, but it'll be big. I have the name....[EDIT] Reformolution. It's a reformation revolution. I know...this sounds like a reformed Seinfield episode or something...

After some helpful advice, I'm going to go with the name Reformolution. Thanks, Brian!


Righteous Sinner said...

How about Reformolution? One might think of either revolution or evolution - either being appropriate as there needs to be a bold change, and also recognizing that it is arrogant to think you have a perfect handle on truth, needing to always submit to scripture and humbly evolve in your understanding of God - always reforming!

I heard recently that a powerful mix is humility and boldness. We need to be bold with the truth, but we need to present it with humility, recognizing we're not the source that changes minds and hearts, but the faithful instrument.

Go Julianne!

Julianne said...

I like it, Brian. Reformolution...yes.

Very good stuff about humility and boldness. It is so good to be reminded that it is God who transforms and it is our privilage to be used however God chooses. I guess I just want whatever God wants.

Thanks, Brian.

Jason said...

Reformolution, Sounds good... How does one go about reformolutionizing?

Matador190 said...

You know, in NYC there are some very hip clubs with just one letter or number for a name. So, how about you just do something like '2'? I think it's pretty hot.

Reformed Centurion said...

I don't even know where you would start to reform a Seinfeld episode.

Daniel Mann said...

Reformolution = reform + solution

The Church (invisible Church)is in desperate need for a modern reformation. The Church needs practical biblical solutions to carry out this endeavor

So reformolution could be a clarion call to the church for the need to reform and find and use biblical soutions to counteract that which plagues us in the Church.

Hey, what's the Big ideal!!!

I've got one, I'll tell you it before you steal it from me.
How about a reform wax museum? You could have a waxed Luther figure nailing the 95 theses. Jonathan Edwards preaching his famous sermon 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'. Better yet, you know in Disney Land they have the mechanical 'Abraham Lincon' that talks. You could do that with Edwards and so on. For that matter you could do all of Church history from Mr.amd Mrs.Adam to the current John Piper. And than put them all in a life size ark. Why an ark? Because the ark in the scriptures refers to the redemption of Christ. And the Church is the means that God uses to accomplish this purpose.

Hey that's a big ideal, wouldn't you say. Do I need to loan you a few million dollers.

Julianne said...

OOooooo....I like it!!! Daniel, you totally stole that idea from me. I was thinking about a wax museum for a loooooong time. You're always trying to take credit for my wonderful, imaginitive ideas. Gosh!