Saturday, April 02, 2005

Theology Thursdays

Check out Joe Missionary for a great series on Arminianism every Thursday. Post your comments.


D.Mann said...

Hello julianne.
Interesting! I have just read all the blogs from that blog site(including yours).
I have one comment regarding the statement-"Calvinism does teach free will, but only after salvation". You said that was a inaccurate statement. I disagree. That is a accurate statement I believe. How so? I'll start with a question. How do you reconcile Martin Luther's book "Bondage of the will" with Jonathan Edward's book " Freedom of the Will"? Since both after all were fighting (contending for the faith) from the same corner, namely both were calvinistic (Augustinian) in nature?

ANSWER-Martin Luther was dealing with the unregenerate man,while Edwards was dealing with the regenerated man.Thus man is free, only after salvation(regeneration) .Free from what?(God's wrathful judgment, and the Power from sin and death). Free to what? made able to Please God as we ought.
We calvinist, seem to have people always telling us we don't believe in free will, but yah we do, God's supreme free will.And God freely granting us his own (the elect) free wills from the previous bondaged will. Praise be His wonderful name, in His mighty firm grip.

...and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.John 8:32 (ESV)

Julianne said...


I'm glad you checked out Joe's site.

When I was responding to Joe, I was merely saying that "free will" is not something God gives to us in the sense of how many Christians define "free will." This being free to do whatever. When we are regenerated we are given freedom from the bondage of sin, but our wills are still defined by our nature. When my nature changed, so did my will.

I think this all might hinge on the definition of "free will." Any takers?