Thursday, April 21, 2005

Need I say more?


Rand said...

Ok...I'll admit...that made me laugh.

Still though, do I ever hate it when local churches put up silly "catch phrases" instead of posting the Word of God.

Last time I checked, "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God", not by cute "catch phrases".

My psycho, fundamentalist 0.02$,


Julianne said...

I always love your "psycho fundamentalist .02$" or .05$ or .10$, whatever it may be. :)

There is this one church I drive by every day on my way to school, and it always has some cheesy saying.

Funny, I was just going to post about the very idea of church "catch phrases" and seeker-sensitivity. Maybe this coming week I will.

Thanks, Rand. Always good to hear from you.

TulipGirl said...


Anonymous said...

LOL... well, that should scare all the Methodists away!

Joanna Martens said...

hey julianne,
i pirated that pic and put in on my blog. I gave you credit of course. ;-) luv ya chica! Keep your eyes on the finish line!