Monday, April 04, 2005

Good Theology...

...from a bunch of dead guys.

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D.Mann said...

Did you just now find this web site? It's a great one! I want the spurgeon book-ends. They had a poster of spurgeon for sale before, I can't seem to find it now,yes, I want that too, and Spurgeon's entire works. Once upon a time his whole libary was for sale. Guess how much it sold for? $2000 bones.

Did you see that you can hear/watch Spurgeon, Edwards, Dabny,and some others. Of course it's not their voice. But some man dresses up like Spurgeon and delivers his sermons word for word,verbatim. I want those too.
I watched a bioagraphy of Spurgeon's life, and they said it would take ten years to read all his sermons,if you would read one per day.

My pastor joked once to the whole group gathered that the requirement for what Dan (myself)reads is that the author must be dead. Thats just about true.

"The venerable dead are waiting in my library to enterain me and relieve me from the nonsense of surviving mortals."-Samuel Davies (1723-1761)

I saw Phil Johnson a few months ago at a conference, He shredded "The new perspective" theory.Well he's got a great web site.You can't go wrong with Spurgeon. My goal is to read some surgeon, each day. He was so cross centered. The doctrines of grace are on every page.God still uses him in my life to akindle afresh passion for Christ and His depth of mercy toward me,a pitiful wretched,fool. Amen