Monday, April 04, 2005

Learn to speak Curmudgeonese

Glossary of Curmudgeonese:

An evangelical Arminian; a typical Evangelical churchgoer who believes that the final say as to whether a person gets saved or not depends on an autonomous act of human free will: raising his hand during an altar call and "accepting Christ" as his "personal lord and Saviour," rather than on the free choice of a sovereign God. Many people of this persuasion do not like the label "Arminian," feeling it is inaccurate since historically Arminians do not believe in "eternal security."
Fair enough, responded a number of Calvinists on the Fundamentalist Forums one day, we'll call you "free-willies" instead.

Cage-Stage Calvinist
Many new Calvinists go through a period during which they become hyper-zealous for the cause of Calvinism and attempt to convert their Arminian friends more aggressively than most Jehovah's Witnesses. Theologian and philosopher George Grant calls this period the "cage stage." New Calvinists ought to be locked in a cage for about the first two years, or until they mellow out and realize John Calvin isn't God, the Reformers weren't infallible, and the Westminster Confession is not a Bible.

Conspiracy Boy
Nickname for Texe Marrs, author, radio host of Power of Prophecy, home-church advocate, and Ruckmandroid (see below). As Phil Johnson says, Texe never met a conspiracy he didn't like.

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aron said...

too funny! that cage-stage calvinist thing couldn't be more on target.

i posted about this (but don't understand trackbacks and all that yet) on my site.