Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy 10 Month Birthday, SempRef!

...Okay, so it's been 10 months Semper Reformanda has been up and running. The Pyro has inspired me to take a good look and inventory of how these 10 months have gone.

It all started in February when the winds were blowing and the rain was raining. I was probably inside my warm, cozy home sipping green tea and "surfing" the web when I was supposed to be working on some paper for school. When I ran across Tim Challies' blog and read through it. Here was a guy who knew what he knew and wrote what he knew. If anyone's confused, that last sentence is a good thing. Anyway, through his blog and a few select others, I came across many godly blogs which had a way of focusing my attention on God, His attributes, and the importance of why they are important to be focused on.

Consequently, I felt the urge to have my own little "dwelling" in the suburbs of space. I set out my goals for the blog in my very first post, Why Blog?
They were:
  • to help equip the saints
  • bring glory to our much worthy God
  • to be encouraged by you (the reader and commenter)
  • to write down my sheep-like thoughts

I know for sure that my last point has been very successful. On top of this, some unexpected friendships have come out of my blog. Rand has been a huge encouragement to me and my walk towards truth. Micah and I started "Blog the Word" which didn't go too far, but nonetheless, was fun (if you can, add another chapter). Jessica is a wonderful lady my own age who loves theology as well. Frank Martens has a great sense of humor with a brain to back it up (many of us lack the brain). He also gets my sense of humor (I think!). Through Frank, I met his sister, Joanna, and we hit it right off. I don't get to talk to Aron that much, but he has some awesome things to read. I even have a blog friend who attends The Master's College; Adam. He is one lucky fellow.

There are also some non-unexpected friends here as well; my "real" friends. Daniel has been here from the begining giving his appreciated analytical perspective. My cousin, Stephen, is my best guy friend and is a great writer. Brian has been another huge encouragement and influence in my life. His blog is wonderful (when he updates it). Jason and the other Brian have just recently set up their very own blogs, check them out. For some lighter reading, check out Jordan's blog. My ex-co-worker and friend, Ana, also has a blog. Oh, and how could I forget my other cousin, Matador. There are no words to describe his blog. He is isolated from our family because he was shunned from our church (for obvious reasons). He is now serving time on the East Coast. (If you are new to my blog, I apologize now for any sarcastic comments which might escape me). If I fogot any of you, I profusely apologize.

Some amazing things have happened in my life since this blog has been intact. The biggest yet is my three month stint in Bazil on the Amazon River. There I worked on a medical boat, built churches, and worked with children and adolescents. It has been, by far, the best experience of my life. I wrote a bit while I was there in five different posts; Hello from Brasil!, Update, Bom Dia, Another Update, and Tooth Pulling.

I wrote about Calvinism and Arminianism for a school paper, and posted it here. The comments that followed were thought provoking. Incidentally, I met Daniel (different one) who disagreed with my conclusions and shared his views of Molinism. Some other philosophers who visit this blog are: Magnum, Antonio, and Philosapologist.

The post which received the most comments was Inconsistant Theology which was an open forum of different theologies. With 101 comments, there is ample amount of opinions.

In these 10 months, I have never given up an opportunity to brag about my little theologian girl, Ginger. I posted one of her most serious pictures.

Sometimes I wonder where I'd be without my blog. Let's just say that I spend one hour a day either working on my own or looking at others. After 10 months, that's 300 days which means I spent an average of 300 hours on this thing since February. What could have I done in that time? Would it have been more God-glorifying or saint-edifying or more encouraging than this has been? Has this blog been an instrument for God? Could it have been more Christ-centered and God-magnifying? Yes. I believe that even this blog can be semper reformanda, always reforming.

This is where you, my precious readers, come in. In what ways can Semper Reformanda be more intentional and Kingdom-minded?


Jason said...

Hey Julianne,
Congratulations on 10 months of blogging that's great. I think your blog is one of the most balanced I've seen, you're not overly dogmatic but you humbly defend your views. Which is very important, if we can't discuss and debate these things in love how does that bring glory to God, or draw us closer to Him?
You also have a good mix of readers, those that think differently so as to spark good discussion.

What else could have done with those 300 hours? Well what would you have done with those 300 hours? Maybe you would've had a little more time for homework or done more reading. I think having a written history of your thoughts and ideas over the last 10 months is well worth the 300 hours.

Through your blog and a few others I have been encouraged to start my own. Since then I've spent more time in the Word, and my thought process has been on what can I post next and how can better debate and word my arguments with Antonio and others. For better or for worse.

The only challenge that I would offer would be. Does the continual discussion and debate of theology (while it certainly causes us to think more about God) encourage and challenge those around us to a closer walk with the Lord and to strive to be more Christ like?
I'm sure there is a time and place for both, just a thought. :)

God bless, and keep on bloggin


Joshua Ritchie said...

It seems like you have a great head on your shoulders. And I thought all adults under the age of twenty were aimless in life (in regards to Christianity). Ha, shows what I know. Great thoughts in your other posts. God bless.

Mark said...


Happy 10th month of blogging. Does this mean there will be a celebration on the 11th month too? :)

I think you are doing a great job. I haven't been reading your blog for long, but I've found it very interesting and helpful.

From what I understand right living flows from right thinking, and I definately think the attention you give to theology is NOT misplaced. Keep it up!

Reformed Centurion said...

Wow! That is a lot of time. It is almost like me playing Halo2 online (not really). Life is full of time we will never get back (every second in fact). Centurion86 all the way.

Rand said...

"Rand has been a huge encouragement to me and my walk towards truth."

What a compliment! I am glad the Lord has willed that we should meet online and be an encouragement to one another.

The Lord bless you and direct you in your blogging.

stephen said...

I am going to celebrate my 13,238,047 second in about 1,000 seconds. I mean, 999 seconds.... 998.... 997.... Darn it!

Magnum Philosopher said...

Yea, that Magnum was a rascal of some sort =)

Check out:

"The Problem with Evangelical Theology"

chris said...

Juliannne, biggest suggestion: learn, understand, and embrace God's heart for the nations. Learn about the Biblical basis for missions and share it with the world. Use your soteriology to promote Biblical missions theology.

Frank Martens said...

Sometimes that brain (that backs up the humor) gets in the way of being humorous :)

So be warned. :)

Frank Martens said...

and i get the humor

Jordan said...

Hey!!! my blog isnt light reading! there are juat pictures and news of jen garner's pregnancy and stuff. i just happen tolike pictures as opposed to inflating my ego with big words. jk. well congrats on ten month, but dont talk to me about commitment until your twelfth!

stephen said...

ohe yeah.....I love to know when jen gardner is procreating, jordan.

Jul, you can delete this comment if you want.

Joanna Martens said...

that brain frank uses is mine. I was wondering where it went...

Frank Martens said...

and you cant have it back

Antonio said...


Apart from your Calvinism (!!!), I think you are a very sweet and intelligent young woman, who has a beautiful future ahead.

I love your blog.

Did you really pull teeth?


Reformed Centurion said...

The other view that some would hold is that you can tell she is intelligent because of her belief in Calvinism.

Anonymous said...

lol... Amen, Reformed Centurion. Proper soteriology is great to see. As for all the comments about "using your theology", learn from Paul. Even if he had a concern, he always praised churches for good they had done first. I'm not trying to defend Julianne, necessarily (I certainly think she can hold her own); I just get tired of all these "suggestions". We have plenty of missions around today, but it's rare to find someone like Julianne who has a heart for ministering to people and who has good theology. Suggestion: learn from her.

Julianne, you are right. I am a very lucky boy to be out here at TMC. Thanks for listing me. See you around the blogosphere!

Matador190 said...

Thank you for the props to my blog. I may be banished from the family, but I can never be banished from the internet superhighway because that is a right that all American citizens have.

I caught you! said...
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Antonio said...
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