Saturday, December 17, 2005

Web Sudoku

I've been doing it for toooooo long...thanks a lot, Frank!


david said...

Hi, dear friend.

Just happened upon your blog. Praying that God will abundantly bless you.

I maintain two blogs: one with devotional writings, one with prayers.

The addresses are


If you are so inclined, please visit.

blessings to you in Jesus Christ, creator of heaven and earth and lover of our souls!


Frank Martens said...

haha :)

Buwahaghaghaa, it's my secret plan to take over the world!

Not really... but it is addicting. :)


Rufus the Great said...

Intense. I've been playing for 36 hours straight. Neglecting my labratory, my victims. . . .what's next? I will master this game like I mastered the rubix cube. I can put one together now just by looking at it. Have you ever tried juggling cats? That's another good one.

Ana Banana said...

Check this out.

it is article with Daniel and David

Jason said...


Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. It does feel good not to have school hanging over my head. Though it won’t really set in until January comes along and I am not going back to school. I will definitely miss sitting in theology classes and having good excuses to buy theology books (as textbooks). However, I won’t miss the all-nighters.Though it is time now to find a job…yea.

I am glad you had a good hike today. I always love hiking; it always makes for some good glimpses of God. I always come away feeling so peaceful and refreshed.

Thanks again! May God bless you and fill you this Christmas season.


Daniel Mann said...

Ana: she beat you to the punch! o yes, Daniel and David two stange silly guys.
Thanks though for the publicity. I'll be the talk of the town now.

stephen said...

That is a very nice picture, I must say.

Reformed Centurion said...


matador190 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julianne said...

So, Matador, what's up with your blog being gone???

Julianne said...

PS-I'm working on something. Now that I'm done with work for the weekend, and have no school hanging over me, God willing, I will have some posts of some substance coming, God willing (twice, just in case). :)

Jason said...

The family of the guy that Matador electrocuted finally pressed charges. Either that or he got kicked out of the Rotary club.