Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Military Men

Chris, my oldest brother, in Arizona, training for military intelligence in the Army. This was taken just after a 8-mile hike in the 114 degree weather (@ 6:00 am). Notice the heavy fatigues. Thanks, Chris!!!


Frank Martens said...

114 @ 6am is a bit drastic! It really doesn't get that hot until about 9 or 10am.

I know cause I live there. :) Where's he stationed?


Frank Martens said...


You need to turn this option on in your blogger:

Under settings, comments, turn on "Show word verification for comments".


Julianne said...

Really??? He is at some fort there in Arizona. Oh, well, maybe he wanted to really impress me! It worked!!! :)

Thanks for telling me about the blogger comment thing.

Frank Martens said...

Probably Fort Huachuca