Saturday, August 27, 2005

Culture Shock

Thank you, Lord, for peanut butter!!!
I must admit, that is the one food I craved while in Brazil. For this and many other reasons, it's great to be home.

It was very hard to say goodbye to my friends in Brazil. There is a deep connection made with people who serve and evangelize alongside you when conditions are rough. The experiences and memories that were squeezed into three months were so concentrated that they will last for a long time.

It was so, so good to see my family. They've grown up quite a bit.

Well, back to wonderful materialistic America. God is teaching me to be thankful for all He has given me without being resentful of how many people take for granted their comfort of living. May God bless this country with an attitude of giving. May He also give me compassion towards those who think money is god. May I be used here in the US to spread a passion of the surpremacy of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back home! And may God use you mightily here as he used you in brazil, God Bless.

Jessica said...

Welcome back is right! :) I will pray that God gives you His light on your path and that gentle direction He gives so perfectly to your heart. If you want to IM me with questions or just to talk to me about what Geneva is like sometime my screen name is Valdezseas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'll try and come back to yours later as well and read up. God bless, and drop me a note any time. I hope you'll hang around my blog as well.

Your Brother in Christ,
(Pulling teeth, huh? I've been through all the teeth stuff... not fun, not fun at all)

Frank Martens said...

Welcome back :)

Rand said...

Indeed Julianne,

Welcome back.

Oh... I was wondering, do you know Pete of "My All For One". He's a Baptist pastor who is planning on going to Manaus, Brazil in 1-2 years as a full time missionary. The two of you seem to have a real heart for the people of Brazil.

Anyway, he's linked to my blog if you would like to check him out.


Jarrett said...

I like your blog. Solid theology. I have a blog, check it out.

Jarrett said...

I must admit you blog is one of the best i've seen. I'm very impressed.

Julianne said...

Thanks, everyone, for your nice welcomes. It's good to be back online...but, not too online.