Sunday, February 20, 2005

Outside The Camp

There has been a guy posting on many bloggers' guestbooks who is associated with Outside The Camp. His post looks like this:

"Hi ________,

I don't call myself "reformed" but when Jesus Christ said “it is finished", I believe He meant it. In fact, anyone who says that the elect sinner has to meet a condition in order to be saved should take note of these biblical propositions:
1.The righteousness of God that is revealed in the gospel is His salvation of sinners based on the propitiatory sacrifice and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ alone (Rms 3:21-4:8; 10:4; 2 Cor 5:21).
2.Those who are ignorant of the righteousness of God revealed in the gospel are going about to establish a righteousness of their own and are thus lost, no matter how zealous they are for God (Romans 10:1-3).
3.Anyone who does not abide in the doctrine of Christ is lost (2 Jn 9).
4.Anyone who speaks peace to one who brings a false gospel is lost (2 Jn 11)

_________, I'd be interested to know what you think of our website."
This is also worth checking out:
Heterodoxy Hall of Shame

These guys are NOT preaching the true gospel. Sure, I believe on many points they make. However, they take it to the extreme by saying, "Anyone who speaks peace to one who brings a false gospel is lost." So according to OTC, I can't even talk to an arminian or else it is a sign I am not one of the elect.

I just want to send out a warning to any unsuspecting blogger who might receive a post similar to this one. May God grant us wisdom and discernment to distinguish between truth and man's false ideas.



Noel Daniels said...

These guys have been all over xanga and the calvinist blogrings. They have caused much strife with their unBiblical accusations and divisive attempts. They have actually taken some of my own writings completely out of context and wrote a post specifically about me entitled "Noel Daniels, Anti-Gospel Blogger". Just ask any of the Calvinists on xanga and you will find that Outside the camp is not worth debating.

By the way, I read the section in Berkhof that you recommended on church history. It was very interesting, thanks!

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Dr.James R White's web page, has an article titled "Hyper Calvinism Revisited".In regards to outside the camp. It's a new blog (Febuary 21).

It looks like you are getting off to a good start on your blogger. My our God truly bless you, in His mighty Name, to bring much Glory,due His Name.


Julianne said...
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Julianne said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the info on the OTC article. I'll have to check that out.

I am in the process of rearranging the blog and trying to tweak the system and enable links and blogs. God willing, I'll have everything set by tuesday.

Thanks for the message. God's grace be with you,


An Intellectual Tortoise said...

First, thanks for dropping a note at the ol' tortoise.

These guys also dropped a comment there, the exact same thing you got. I replied in firm way, but one which I thought invited dialogue. Radio silence on the other end. This guy / these guys aren't interested in dialogue.

Marc said...
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