Tuesday, February 28, 2006

4 of my favorite things

Well, I've been tagged. Adam from Proclaiming the Sovereignty of God blog has tagged me to do the 4 things list. So, here goes.


4 Jobs I've Had in My Life

Babysitting (informal; for families in my church)
Christian bookstore (formal; great experience)
Grocery shopping (formal; Shop-4-You, my own business)
Powerpoint person (formal; worship set for church)

4 Movies I Could Watch Many Times in a Row

Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
Pride and Prejuduce

4 Places I Have Lived

Yorba Linda, Orange County, CA
Corvallis, OR
???????, OR
Santarem, Brazil

1 TV Show I Like to Watch sometimes :)


4 Places I've Been on Vacation

Disneyland, CA
Brookings, OR
Alter Da Chao, Brazil
Washington DC

4 Websites I Visit Daily


4 of My Favorite Foods

Mexican (Si Casa Flores, Casa Ramos, Senor Sams)
Italian (Olive Garden, home!)
Mongolian BBQ
Guacamole :)

4 Singers/Singing-Groups I Can't Live Without

Matt Redmen
Simon & Garfunkel
Caedmon's Call (good call, Adam)

4 Places I'd Rather be than Here

Cabasa Donca, Brazil
Oceanside, CA (Grandma's)
Portador Da Luz, Amazon

4 People I'm Tagging

Jason (from All For His Glory)
Ana (from Singing Grace)
Brian (from Reformed Centurion)
Stephen (from ????????)


stephen said...

Well I have been meaning to post anyway. And my blog title is perro caliente!, not ?????.

Ana Banana said...

so what is this tag thing, am I missing something??

Julianne said...

Ana, you've got to do the 4 list thing. :)

Truth and Zeal said...

PowerPoint was an actual job?

I don't think I can think of a four thing list. It's more like a one thing list. As John Piper would say, let your passion be single. :)

Jenny said...

Hey Juli, I hope you get this in time. I forgot what time we need to meet today?? Was it 11 or 11:30?? I will call you later if I don't hear back from ya!!!!

W. H. Conner said...


Props for the Mongolian BBQ inclusion...It's really good even though, according to my parents who live in Mongolia, it's far from authentic. I'm just fine with that, considering some of the "real" Mongolian food I've had (mare's milk dried in the sun and scraped up into chalk-like, rancid tasting chunks, sheep's bowel washed with just a very small amount of water in order to conserve...etc.) I'll, um...take the American Mongolian version, thanks...


stephen said...

In Mongolia do the cooks make you pay more if they can't fit all of your food into the small bowl? Because that really bugs me when they do that to me.

Reformed Centurion said...

Maybe if you showed a little restraint it wouldn't happen so much Stephen.

It especially upsets me when I am paying for your meal.

Jason said...

Juli, you've been retaged:)

brooke said...


Jenny said...

Juli Juli! How goes it?? (Your weekend that is!) I will see ya tomorrow! I might need a little help with the table tomorrow since it's the last day to turn in the items... so pretty pretty please with sugar on top?!?!?!?! LOVE YOU!