Monday, October 17, 2005

This was taken at a beautiful park not too far from my house. Great place for ultimate frisbee. My mom and I are best friends.


The book is on the table. said...

hello .
So I don`t have a lot of thinks for to say bue I only know one think that`s your smile is the most beautiful That I had have seen in my life , I sow your picture in Diegos`s flog so I cliked in link to your blog so if you want I wanted to send you some e-mails .
My e-mail is and my flog is

Anonymous said...

lol! Well, I was gonna leave some smart-alecky, flirtatious comment... but it seems I've been beat. Julianne, you're right about the park, I almost didn't notice it! ; )

*wonders how many emails Julianne will get by the end of the month*

Sorry I haven't commented in so long... you know how it is... school (Blah)... see you around the blogosphere (I'm currently on my "blog break"; it's a tough withdrawal to go through).

3 Powers Christian Rock said...

Hi..Julianne..como você está ? cadastrei nesse blogger..para conseguir falar com você...te mandei vários e-mail..não sei se você recebeu..nunca obtive respostas...estamos gravando um "cd" este fim de semana, queria seu endereço, para te manda um cd da nossa BANDA 3 Powers..estou com saudade...

com Amor, Beijo