Thursday, June 02, 2005

What does your birthday mean?

I'm not usually into these things, but this one is surprisingly accurate.

Your Birthdate: May 15
With a birthday on the 15th of any month, you are apt to have a habit of cracking almost all joints in your body: fingers, toes, ankles, neck, and so on.

The 1 and 5 equaling 6, provide the sort of energy that makes you qualify to be labled "ADD."
You are very responsible and capable of being absolutely irresponsible and incapable.

You are quite interesting to look at; not in a good way.
This is an attractive and an attracting influence, because it draws people in to take a closer look.

You like disharmony in your environment and strive to maintain it.
You tend to learn by study and research rather than by observation, which makes it hard for your college proffessors because you get your hands into everything.

You may like to cook, but you probably don't follow recipes. You like to eat what you cook, even if no one else does.
The number 15, shows artistic leanings and would certainly support any talents, like myrtlewood carving.

You're a very stubborn person, but perhaps a bit giving and generous in some ways.

On second thought, it is quite unlike me...


Daniel Mann said...

Is this not,close to reading a horoscope?

Yesterday,I went to the bank to cash a check.The banker saw my birthdate,and said..."oh your born in October,your a libra.Your always in a bad mood like me."I pause for a moment,then I said in return, actually I am a very steadily mellow,calm,and happy person.

Out of curiosity,I did this "What does your Birthday mean?"
First half, maybe correct. But it said that I like to paint with a broad brush, So un-true! I like dealing with particulars. It said I am sensitive,true. And that my feelings stay some what repressed.That is true with most guys, but I am an odd ball. I like telling my feelings.Her's one I think your blog site is cool... But stick with weightier theological stuff with substance. Maybe being bossy, should of been on my list.

As far as your list,it said you probably don't follow recipes, who does (especially us guys)? There is a since of pride and joy, of throwing together the ingredents and WOW LA! Out pops a new creation. As far as you being very stubborn person, we won't touch that one.

Anyhow, God Bless

Julianne said...

Thank you for the advice "stick with weightier theological stuff with substance," Daniel. I really want to take the time to do that. It just seems being funny is faster (this was a joke, btw, I made up the result myself).

I think these "horoscope" things are made up by ladies in their sixties with absolutely no lives, the same ones who try to play matchmaker with all the single people they know.

That is weird what the banker said to you. I would have been too stunned to say anything, I believe.

And, yes, you are an oddball. I mean, you read dead guys, come on...who in their right mind does that???

Daniel Mann said...

Alright you got me!
I fell for your trick.Trixs is for kids.

Yes,I must not be in my right mind. Hey! Yes I am. I am a lefty. We lefties are in our right mind, Oh ya! your not a lefty, SORRY!!!

Julianne said...

How can a lefty be in his "right" mind???


Daniel Mann said...

You would have to be in your right mind to understand!!!


aron said...

I checked out what my day 'means,' purelu out of curiosity, and was a bit shocked..

I was born on 12/30

I love words, writing, and speaking - my pastor used to have me do impersonations of the guest speakers to introduce them...

I'm also a bit argumentative.

Anyway, strangely accurate!

MegLogan said...

WOW, these things are so generic! I fit this very well, but... alas, I was born on the 25th!


Again, I place no stock in things of this sort!

Thanks for the reminder.