Saturday, March 11, 2006


I'm reading a book by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum titled, Israelology: The Missing Link in Systematic Theology.

It is very interesting. The definition of Israelology is:

A subdivision of Systematic Theology incorporating all theological doctrines concerning the people of Israel.

Basically it takes on both dispensationalism and covenant theology to look at the significance of Israelology.

Fruchtenbaum is very much into how Israelology relates to end times.

There are some subtle theological differences between his doctrinal worldview and mine which makes it a bit more interesting in studying this new "missing link" in systematic theology.

If any of you have some spare time (like I do...NOT!), pick this up, give it a gander, and see what I'm talking about.


Jenny said...

Well, I feel special because you think I'm beautiful!! :-) I'm not going up there, I'm chillin' with my grandparents this weekend because my parents are going to the coast. Um HELLOOOOO I had MSN messanger when I was like 12, AIM is soooo in, and always will be! haha why, is Dan trying to get you to get it?? haha oh well, I forgive you for not being in the cool kids club! I'll see ya tomorrow! Oh yeah, and we can move disciplship, that's fine just let me know when you wanna do it!

Adam Cummings said...

"give it a gander"... lol! Julianne, you and my roomate (also from your state) have given me so many new phrases. By the way, yes, AOL is in... I like it very much (except for the fact that it generally messes up everything else in your computer).

Truth and Zeal said...

Jenny: I recommend AIM because it is for cool people (but mainly because everyone uses it). MSN Messenger is part of the evil empire.

Julianne: "Give it a gander"?... ... okay.

Frank Martens said...

So.... I haven't commented in a while, for various reasons I guess :)

However, this post does compel me to ask a question... does the book cover anything about padeobaptism?

Honestly I don't know enough about it except that it has to do with covenant theology and baptising infants (of which I don't agree with). Was curious if he throws that into the mix of Israelology or not.

Paul said...

Hi Julianne,

I have not read Dr. Fruchtenbaum's book, as yet, but I will have to soon. I was unaware of his book when I was writing my book titled, "Israelology - The Birthright, House of Israel, Kingdom, and Sons of God".

Like you, I am sure that there some subtle theological differences in what he writes and what I have written. We may even use some of the same scriptures with different levels of understanding.

My approach is to take the principles of the Birthright; which the church knows very little about; add it to the prophecies to the Houses of Israel and Judah, and take it to its logical and scriptural conclusion.

I have found that we all base our beliefs upon the degree of our understanding the information available to us. Often, that information is incomplete. I have attempted to rectify that by a full survey of the scriptures with nothing out of context.

God's Plan is to take us and mature us for His End-time Purposes. If you are interested in more information about my book, you may visit my website for a more detailed introduction. Go to:

I have 3 introductory videos available there. Thanks!


Paul said...

Hi Julianne,

You may delete this message after reading, if you so choose.

Your blog was helpful to me while reading up on Dr. Fruchtenbaum's book.

I have added a link to your blog from my blog. Please feel free to visit my blog and leave a comment. Please consider linking my blog to yours.

The web address is:

God Bless!
Paul Andree